No-Solder Construction with Wire Glue

Lead Free

Simple: One Easy Step

Reliable: Permanent Bond

Highly Conductive

For Both AC and DC Circuits

Quick and Easy Repairs

Wire Glue With Advanced Microcarbon Technology

Wire Glue utilizes the latest advances in microcarbon technology to bring you a highly conductive glue at a fraction the price of competitive products which use precious metals.

Intended for hobby and repair applications, Wire Glue is the first in a series of adhesive products based on microcarbon.  In development are epoxies and other adhesive systems with unsurpassed durability and strength yet they will retain the low cost attributes of Wire Glue. A better conductive adhesive technology at a better price brought to you by the Anders Products Division of Idolon Technologies.

How to make connections with Wire Glue

Learn the basics of how to use Wire Glue to make electrical connections

Helpful Hints

See the best way to mix and use Wire Glue for any project.

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Basic Battery and Bulb

There is no better way to learn electricity at any age than basic battery and bulb.  See how Wire Glue can help you build this project without soldering.

Old Telphone Repair

The crackly – crunchy noises were eliminated from an old telephone with the help of Wire Glue.

Memory Battery Replacement

Soldered-in memory batteries are hard to replace and particularly when construction is tight like in amateur radio transceiver.  See how to replace one of these batteries without soldering.

Ethernet Socket Repair

Replace a laptop ethernet connector without soldering.

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Corrosion Gone Revives Corroded Battery Contacts

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